Hello 3d printer

The first printed model on HIPS filament:

Hardware required

  • Creality Ender 3 ~<200$
  • Filament (any, but I got HIPS for now) ~35$ for 1kg
  • Electricity

All software required


Parameter Value
Filament HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene)
Nuzzle 0.4mm 240 C, first layer=260
Plate 100 C
Infill 100% (default=20%)
Adhesion YES
Weight 5..8g
Filament cost 100% infill 2,78m ~ 0.28$
Filament cost 20% infill 1,71m ~ 0.175$
(1) Model original
copy: star.stl.gz star_tail.stl.gz
(2) Slices star.gcode.gz



2 hours 10 mins later (1 hour 12 mins for default 20% infill) …

It’s a bit overheat artefacts on the tail and star looks a bit dirty, but for the first print it looks OK. :)

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