Small collection of links to different projects/tools/teams/etc.: Read me first Why we encrypt? + (RUS) Revolution OS (RUS) Free software, free society: Richard Stallman at TEDxGeneva 2014 Microsoft products contain build in malware Comparison of IM’s from EFF Check browser fingerprint other browser fingerprint links PGP guide about PGP before use it. 🙏 | PC Hardware / Laptops IBM/LENOVO Thinkpad FSF Hardware list FSF more hardware DNS2IP converters NIP XIP Embedded hardware Raspberry Pi CubieBoard Sheevaplug BenNanoNote GuruPlug DreamPlug Smartphone Purism Necunos Neo900 (2015) Neo_FreeRunner (old) Firmware CoreBoot 1 LibreBoot (free from proprietary blobs fork of Coreboot.